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Tshipi e Ntle - Manganese Mining - Northern Cape Year: 2011 - 2013 Project: Vania de Freitas Civil Engineer: Jaco Van Barneveld Electrical Engineer: Mark Philip Structural Engineer: Paul Maitre

Tshipi e Ntle is a new Manganese Mining in Kathu – Northern Cape Province, where it was designed the entire infrastructure and buildings for the operation of the new Mining, included new roads and railways, electrical substations, offices, control centre, workshops, sewage treatment and water purification.
The macro project where all the buildings was positioned was made by the engineers specialized in mining.
All the buildings were treated with the same finish creating a unit. Therefor we used face bricks and concrete with curved roof in every building with exception of the tree workshops – Diesel, LDV and Boiler Shop, where we chose to use conventional coverage for this type of workshop.
The external walls were designed to be double walls and cavity with insulation to protect against the extreme heat from the Kalarari.
The area does not have energy supply and very poor water supply. It was designed a Generator Building called 1UAA01 to receive 7 generator to run all the mining operation.
It was distributed through the Mining 6 power Substations to generate energy for the buildings and for the operation of the Mining called:
– 1UAC01
– 2UAC01
– 3UAC01
– 4UAC01
– 5UAC01
– 6UAC01
We also designed the following building for the operation of the Mine:
– Laboratory
– Main Offices
– Training Centre
– Briefing Area
– Diesel Workshop
– LDV Workshop
– Boiler Shop

Substation 1UAC01 & Generators 1UAA01
The Substation 1UAC01 is located next to the Generator building.
The internal layout is different from the others Substations. This Substation has a small workshop, an office, Kitchen and bathroom.

The Generator building has divisions for 7 generators units. The building was designed to have protection against the heat and the sound with the installation of Outlet Attenuation in each bay, insulation in the cavity walls and filters.
The second floor is for storage equipment with crane overhead. Both sides are cladding with louvres with filters and in one side the louvre are removable for the crane to be able to lift the equipment.

Substation 3UAC01, 4UAC01, 5UAC01 & 6UAC01
The Substation 3UAC01, 4UAC01, 5UAC01 and 6UAC01 has the same design but different sizes, according with the area where it was located and which building will generate power.
The building has area for the Transformer, MMC room with trenches for the electrical cables and battery room.

Substation 2UAC01
The Substation 2UAC01 is more than only a Substation. It’s also the Main Control Room for the Mine and also has Offices and Training Centre.
The Substation area is located on the ground floor and has the same configuration then the others Substation.
The Control Room, Offices and Training Centre entrance is separated from the Substation, and has a Male and Female small shower area for the employees.
We design a duct to conduct all the cables to the Control Room. The spec suspended floor on the Control Room for the distribution of the cables.
The second floor where it’s located the Control Room was design to received E-Range PVB glass in angle to protect the room against the afternoon sun and helps with an excellent solar heat elimination and energy control as well as comfort control.
All others glazing in the building was spec to be “Sunergy” to provide good insulation inside the rooms

The Laboratory was designed with the same concept than the others buildings. It has an enclosure lobby to protect the Laboratory against dust.
The Laboratory has 2 distinct divisions: on one side rooms that has normal drainage and on the other side rooms that has acid drainage.
The finishes in the Laboratory was spec to be acid resistant and easier to be cleaned.
The Storage Rooms was designed to be outside for security reasons, as the Acid Storage Room and Chemical Storage Room can react and explode.
The internal doors were imported from Germany. It was important to comply with the necessity to be or air tighter or insulated as well as some fire resistant.
All the glazing spec on the laboratory is Sunergy to provide good insulation inside the rooms.

Main Office
The Main Office was design to be used by the Main Contractor of the Operations in the Mine.
The design follows the others building with face brick and curved roof.
The internal division is in accordance with the client briefing with offices for the staff, bathrooms, kitchen and tea area.
We design a screen wall to protect the Entrance from strong winds that occur with frequency. We used glass bricks for the screen wall to preserve the lighting in the Entrance Lobby.
All the glazing was spec to be “Sunergy” to provide good insulation inside the rooms.
The construction work for this building didn’t commence yet.

Diesel Workshop
The Diesel Workshop was design to be used by the Main Contractor of the Operations in the Mine.
The building has 3 distinctive areas: Offices, Storage rooms and Workshop. Each of this area has different roof height.
The offices have the lower height and the interior division is in accordance with the client briefing with offices for the staff, ablutions, kitchen and tea area.
The offices glazing was spec to be “Sunergy” to provide good insulation inside the rooms.
We have 2 storage rooms. The storage room for tools have an opening window to the workshop to be closed with shutter door. The second storage has higher roof to be used as good receiving, where trucks have access to offload material inside the storage.
The workshop has 3 different bays and 12m height to accommodate big Mine trucks such as 777. The vertical sliding doors height is 10.5m and has 3 different stages. These doors were designed especially for this type of opening.
The workshop had their structural designed to support the crane overhead, where the concrete columns have special detail to support the rail.
The floor on storage rooms and workshop was spec to be power floated concrete with application of medium impact and abrasion resistance finish material.
On the top sides of the workshop we have clear sheeting to provide natural lighting inside the area.

Download 2UAC_GROUND_FLOOR.pdf
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