Hotel Fazenda Santa Barbara – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Year: 2012 Project: Vania de Freitas Construction Area: 400m2 Collaborator: Tiane Nobre

The Hotel Fazenda Santa Barbara is a farm hotel and tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro mountain city located in a protect forest area, 120km far from Rio de Janeiro city.

The client briefing was to make a heated indoor swimming pool and spa area included Jacuzzi for 8 persons, massage, bath for treatment and hairdresser area to be used especially in winter days as well as in raining days. He also wanted to incorporate a new steam and dry sauna and a new gym.

The challenge was to place the new building in the only existing area close to existing swimming pool, soccer field, the building used for parties and the existing embankment.

We decided to place the building against the embankment with the opening to the centre, between all the entertainment areas, where the guest will be able to circulate in between.

The new building was designed with steel structure with lots of natural lighting and openings between roof shitting and bricks to facilitate the air circulation.

The internal e external finishes are simple and durable with most of floor area cladded with stone which are non-slippery and don’t absorb heat.