APART-HOTEL OCEAN VIEW – Luanda, Angola Year: 2005 Project: Vania de Freitas Site Area: 2,647m2 Construction Area: 10,500m2 Structural Engineer: Eng. Capitao

This apartment block with hotel services was proposed to be built in Luanda, Angola, in an area with a beautiful ocean view.

The client brief was to have a building where he could offer rental per day or per month to many of expect that works in Luanda.
Therefor we proposed an apartment block with services such as restaurant, laundry, spa with massage room & sauna, gym, coffee shop and small shops.

The building has 62 apartments divided in 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 1 pent-house. All apartments have a balcony and big opening to explore the view from inside.

The pent-house has 2 floors and will have their own swimming pool.

The swimming pool was designed in the centre of the building. The position of the building will help to have sun almost all day.

The external was designed with a clean line with a rounded area where is divided in lounge and a cantilevered balcony. The finish proposed was a durable white marble and green solar energy glazing.

Download APART_HOTEL_1st_2nd_FLOOR_PLAN.pdf